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Kinaston can provide advice and guidance in the development of accident investigation policies.  The starting point is the identification of terms of reference (TOR).  These stated aims will be discussed with senior executives, legal advisors and safety professionals as often the selection of TOR can cause conflict between the best interests of the organisation and what is required to protect the organisation in the event of a criminal investigation.  

It must be emphasised that this process is not as straight forward as it seems with some organisations opting for different approaches to those events posing legal exposure.  There will be facilitated discussion regarding the impact of disclosure, PACE, reputation damage, actual and perceived powers of the authorities, legal privilege and first response.    

All organisations are different, have different attitudes to risk, to openness and to pressures from the authorities.  What works for one will not feel right for another and plagiarism is certainly not the name of the game.  There are also geographical issues for those working in different areas of the world requiring different legal responses; indeed the skill in determining an effective accident investigation response is to be aware of the options available and not to fall into the trap of believing that what works in one area is a panacea for all.  Kinaston can help you find your way through this complicated process and develop an effective set of policies and procedures.