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Kinaston can offer a wide selection of educational courses aimed at those who have the responsibility to investigate accidents and indeed those who should actually allow it to take place.

This comment needs to be examined.  There is no point what so ever in training employees to be able to investigate accidents unless the organisation is willing for the process to actually occur.  This might seem obvious but it is often the case that the investigation process is restricted so that organisational failure areas (BRF’s) and indeed decision making factors or DMF’s are never truly identified.  The result is a system that looks at only the front end of accident causation i.e. that part that concerns the injured party and immediate management.  What transpires is a blame culture that reinforces bad practice, lives in a self-contented world of nativity and eventually looks on as more progressive and ‘safety conscious’ organisations become market leaders and successful competitors.  It is a key business function to examine loss; however what is the point if there is already an implied goal of blaming the injured party and in particular of looking for front end scapegoats.  A safety conscious organisation will have a desire to identify the true causes of loss; in effect it is protecting its future and its senior management.  Events will take place – only a very naïve individual will believe that the nirvana of ‘Nil Accidents’ is achievable – however we can endeavour to reduce the number of events, understand causation when they occur and develop a positive safety culture.

Kinaston provides several courses that assist in this process.  The key course is the 4 day Accident and Loss Investigation Course.  This four day session has been developed for ‘lead investigators’.  These individuals are recognised as being the main driver behind gathering data (evidence) and analysing it in order to provide senior managers with information on which to base change.  They are usually trained safety professionals and thus the course also has in the past formed part of IOSH’s professional development programme (This programme ceased in 2014 and IOSH does not now provide any professional development training for its membership).  Following this course they should be able to develop accident response systems, tired accident investigation processes, causal failure systems and organisational failure trend statistics.  The course concentrates on gathering data in a way that is acceptable to the legal process, using a simple transparent analysis process that examines human issues as well as corporate failure and on facilitating senior executive reflection on causation.  It would be expected that any organisation would have access (preferably in-house) to a number of these highly trained individuals.