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Kinaston Associates have for many years furthered the concept of openness being used as a demonstration of post charge mitigation.  Following a serious event an organisation should be able to demonstrate that it has in place an accident investigation system that will identify underlying causation.  Many organisations simply do not even understand this concept and thus could never be said to be competently exploring the cause of an event.  Those organisations that look for underlying causation and organisational failure and have a record of doing so for previous events will obviously be able to support a plea for mitigation by being able to prove that they are looking toward themselves at the highest level for remedies to weaknesses in their systems.

No amount of FTA, old fashioned tree style investigative product or front end examination will ever be able to identify the necessary weaknesses.  Kinsaton can help organisations to develop a causal analysis system that not only provides this important aspect of business management, but also a system that is supported by data that is gathered in accordance with the Criminal Law and is academically sound.