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This course comes in two forms which effectively follow the same programme but have different points of emphasis.  

The first course is designed to teach basic AI techniques to front end managers and supervisors.  These individuals are seen as a second tier of investigator, but also they often represent the person who is most likely to be the first at the scene of an event and who has to carry out ‘first service’.  The accident causation process is explained with a view to encourage greater acceptance of the investigation process and to control the development of a blame culture.  Following this the delegates are required to participate in exercises aimed at developing good data collection, the assessment of 'human failure' and 'human belief' and the identification of organisational failure areas (BRF's).  

The second version is aimed at senior and higher level managers who would be unlikely to get involved regularly in the investigation process but who may take an executive role following a major event.  It is essential that these persons fully understand causation, the relevant terminology and the AI process.  Without these basic foundations AI will be stifled and the organisation will not reap the benefits available from either the lost cost aspect or indeed the enhanced reputation that comes with sound AI processes.  It is essential that they understand the data collection process and take an active role in the development of corporate AI policy.  This course will enable them to understand the processes involved and the necessary policy requirements.  Delegates are required to complete interview and statement taking exercises during the course as this empowers them to understand the processes involved and allows investigations to proceed without hindrance.    

Why two days?  

We have been asked on numerous occasions to condense this course to one day but it is firmly recognised that this simply cannot be done with the same learning outcomes.  Effectively a one day overview is possible but to develop the necessary skills and abilities in the delegates to enable them to carryout effective investigations takes two full 8 hour days.  The question is not one of cost – it’s one of education, the concepts and skills that need to be covered take a certain amount of time to deliver and less time will equal failed learning outcomes.