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It would be counter-productive to provide the necessary education to middle management and investigators without also providing the necessary update for the Boardroom.  This 6 hour session provides the necessary input for your directors and executive officers.   Many will assume that they already have an understanding of the accident investigation and causation process, however experience has shown that often there is a wide gap between what this tier of management actually believe they know and current best practices.  This course provides the required ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) and is designed with four key themes

-          The business argument
-          Accident causation process
-          Accident investigation process
-          Legal issues linked to the investigation process  

A simple knowledge check for executive officers 

If asked in a Court what would your answer be to the following simple questions?  

- What is meant by the term underlying causation?
- What is your role in the governance of causal failure?
- What CPD have you done to keep up to date with modern causal analysis processes?
- How does an effective accident investigation system protect your organisation?
- What are the legal aspects that have to be considered when setting up an effective AI system?