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This is provided in three forms.  The ethos is simply that following an investigation it may be sensible to allow a second pair of eyes look over the analysis of the data to see if there are avenues of enquiry that have been overlooked.  

1. The first option is to use the process to examine incident(s) that are now considered to be signed off.  In most cases these incidents will be legally inert.  The advantages of re-examining previous events are that organisations can;

- Examine an event for causal failure in a safe environment,
- Consider trends by linking similar events, and
- Consider events from different parts of the organisation or indeed even from outside of the organisation, against the results of the current investigation.

2. The second option is to use the techniques as a training media by examining a number of signed off incidents and taking less experienced investigators through the analysis process in order to let them see how BRF’s are identified and from there causal failure.  This is also a useful process for senior management to experience.

3. The third and final option is of a more serious nature and is intended to assist an organisation that is in the process of being investigated by the authorities.  It is in the organisations best interest to fully examine the event; however the analysis process is open to suggestions from external agencies that it has been directed towards certain outcomes to put the organisation in a ‘good light’.  Using an external analyst the organisation can demonstrate impartiality and professionalism.  The analyst works with corporate investigators and ensures an objective approach.  This process can help protect senior managers by developing an environment where all aspects of the event and related causation are investigated giving them all the data that they need in order to take the organisation forward.  It also alleviates in-house investigators from the pressure associated with looking for non-controversial outcomes.