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Kinaston Associates is an accident investigation company that specialises in the examination of the underlying causes that lead to industrial events.  We provide a number of services and have worked with a wide variety of clients across numerous sectors of industry in a variety of countries.

This web site is split into a number of pages that relate to our services ranging from the provision of the respected accident investigation courses through to legal advisory assistance and accident investigation policy production.  We do not provide other training services, our one area of specialisation is industrial accident investigation and associated training and although this might sound as if we are limiting our business opportunities, our clients appreciate our expertise.

The examination of loss is a key business function; however the methodology used is often lacking academic rigour and legal convention.  This weakness in the data collection process leads to confusion when trying to identify the epidemiology of a loss event.  In addition to this there is a tendency to concentrate resources on those events that have to be officially reported as a result of some legal requirement, rather than looking at all events.  This skewed direction of resources can result in failing to assess the wealth of data behind lower outcome events.

Kinaston can provide an organisation with the skills and systems required to develop a comprehensive loss management system aimed at looking at five key areas of failure:
-          Personal injury events
-          Environmental incidents
-          Asset damage
-          Reputation damage
-          Security breach

Our emphasis is on education rather than consultancy, which means simply that we would rather see in-house expertise than repeated buying in of a consultant’s skills.   Our Accident Loss Investigation courses have been rolled out across various sectors in the industrial world.  Using evidence gathering systems that are acceptable to English Law and academically supported analysis processes, the outcomes from our investigations provide a sound foundation of data on which an organisation may evolve. 

Some 14 years ago we were asked by IOSH whether we would be willing to link our training sessions to their accredited professional development provision.  This relationship continued until January 2014 when IOSH ceased the provision of any professional development packages for its membership.  Kinaston was the only organisation to ever to provide IOSH accredited courses in accident investigation.

Please examine our site for information on the courses and consultancy services that we offer.